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The Reason for Our Efforts

So, why do we care? One simple answer: Pit Bulls are a part of our families. Just as any other breed of dog is welcomed into millions of homes across the nation we have welcomed this so called "aggressive" breed of dogs into our homes. By no means are we trying to force our kinship of Pit Bulls on others, but we do want others, and our communities, to tolerate the fact that we have welcomed Pit Bulls into our homes. I feel the same way about my Pit Bull that I have felt about all of the "non-aggressive" dog breeds we have had in the past. I am always greeted at the door, and she never holds a grudge. When I have a bad day my Pit Bull is a companion that will always be at my side. To sum it up, there is an unconditional love that I feel every time I come home to see my Pit Bull. I'm not worried about others' opinions, but I am worried about the future of this breed in America.

Pit Bulls: Criminalized by the Media

I know that there are many dog attacks in America that can be attributed to Pit Bulls. Not admitting so would be an injustice to the victims who have suffered as well as their families. What bothers we is how loosely the breed "Pit Bull" is defined. If we are going to have solid statistics to back the banning of an entire breed don't you think we should be clear as to what that breed is? Shouldn't we know what percentage of dogs actually consist of that breed? How many attacks by mixed-breeds, or other dog breeds are we attributing to Pit Bulls? Are Pit Bulls the victims of sensationalism or are they really the aggressive, attack-anything animals they're made out to be in the media?

Without answers to these questions we will never be able to quantify the impact of Pit Bulls accurately. I personally don't have the answers to these questions nor do I have the means to perform the necessary studies. What I do have is first-hand experience with many Pit Bulls and that is all I can base my subjective stance on.

I'm not saying that all Pit Bulls are good and make great pets, but I can assure you that not all Pit Bulls are the monsters that they are made out to be in the media.