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Pit Bulls: A Breed in Need

If advocates for the betterment of Pit Bulls do not take a stand we will surely be restricted by law from bringing a Pit Bull into our homes. While this would be a good thing for irresponsible and malicious owners; for the majority of families who have invited a Pit Bull into their homes this would be an injustice. The breed is defenseless against these claims and can only be helped by you.

Start With the Controllable

The first way you can help is to take care of your Pit Bull. Train it correctly and supervise it until you know your individual Pit Bull's temperament. Keep your Pit Bull out of trouble and you will be doing your part in helping to clear the negative connotations associated with Pit Bulls.

This may rub some the wrong way, but if you're not a professional breeder GET YOUR DOG FIXED. Who's going to raise the puppies? Are you going to find good homes for all of the Pit Bull puppies? Are you going to be able to ensure the safety of a full litter of Pit Bull puppies? If no, get your Pit Bull spayed or neutered.

Support Groups that Care About Pit Bulls

Visit any one of the links on the left side of the page to join a good cause in the betterment of Pit Bulls. You can help by donating your time or money to any of these trusted partners. Unfortunately, any animal rescue shelter is going to be overrun with Pit Bulls, so you have many options as to where you can find organizations to help out. Many pounds will not let people adopt Pit Bulls. It's a sad truth, but the pound is a one-way trip for a Pit Bull. All of the organizations on the left are no-kill rescues. You can rest assure knowing that you are helping a cause that truly cares for the breed that you love.

You can also try your hand at PR to to bring attention to all of the wonderful aspects of Pit Bull ownership. Any little bit helps. Talk with your local communities to spread the word and you might just get the ball rolling in your community. My number one recommendation is to lead by example. Raise your Pit Bull the right way and keep him/her out of trouble and you will be doing your part in the rehabilitation of the Pit Bull's image in America.