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Convicted Without Reason

Miami and Colorado are just a couple of the jurisdictions that have banned the ownership of Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls, also known as American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT), have been portrayed by the media as the criminal of all dog breeds. While we're all aware of the negative press involving APBT's have we been blind to see the positive news regarding this breed? Has the news been using the breed of Pit Bulls as a scapegoat, or are Pit Bulls really involved in that many attacks? How are they judging a pitbull from a mixed breed or another species? You will find that I have an affinity for APBTs. I have encountered a few bad eggs within the breed, but I can say this about ANY breed of dog.

Pit Bulls: Defending the Defenseless

Make no doubt about it Pit Bulls are being abused every day. Our Pit Bull community is committed to giving our four-legged friends a fighting chance against the beating and fighting some owners subject their Pit Bulls to. We aim to put every Pit Bull into a loving home where it can lead an enjoyable life. We have many comrades in the fight for the betterment of Pit Bulls; follow the links on the left to visit other partners for our cause. "Judge the deed not the breed." That is a slogan I have heard used pretty frequently. Unfortunately, it hasn't been heard by enough people in power to help our Pit Bull friends. Join a Pit Bull advocacy group today to aid in the betterment of Pit Bull treatment!